We had some funnies this week. We’re in the magical world of toilet training, though not taking it too seriously while H is poorly. We’ve both been quite open and sit on the loo so she can see us and how normal it all is. Today we were heading out to The Baby Show and I needed to go. So I sat and went and H followed me into the loo. “Well done mummy! You can have a sticker now!” she announced…

We had a huge breakthrough with nursery this week – H has been in her new room for a while now, but hasn’t done a poo in there. (Sorry to be so blunt) I wasn’t concerned, but last Monday it finally happened – we were about to leave and THE face came on… and hurrah, the deed was done. That was it, it seemed to open up the floodgates (!?), and by Thursday she’d done another – though by Friday – and this is the best one yet, she’d done one on the toilet!! We’re trying to keep the toilet stops as toddler-led at the moment, so she’s still using the potty on occasions, but asks to use the toilet too. It’s all good, anyway, and we’re really proud.

At The Baby Show today H played with Jesse at the Ella’s Organics stand, who had a soft play vegetable patch – and a little hut in the corner. “Mummy open it” she demanded (the hut) “Get the key, mummy” – like I had all the answers.. I mean, I know mummy knows best and all that.. but still.

Had our first successful bus trip today too – we were the second of three buggies, so I folded ours up so we could all get on the bus, sat H in the seat behind the driver, and packed in the bags on the buggy (thank god it was the way there, I was laden down with swag and purchases on the way home…), we eventually moved to the front seats on the side opposite the driver, and a whole new world of adventure opened up for H – she could see so many new things and insisted the driver “drive faster”..

We had our nursery open day yesterday which was interesting. Kind of a parents morning for 2 year olds.. she’s doing really well, so I’m pleased – it’s always nice to hear how well she’s doing for her age and what can be improved. We were left to look through her folder – something we’d not had a chance to do before, where you get a snippet of her day from her CCP – and it was quite funny to see. There’s chunks of her personality on paper which would make a great update to this blog if I could actually take it home. I mean, I can but only when she leaves nursery so that’s two more years… so for now I’ll just remember I read lots of nice.

By complete fluke I managed to get two tickets for The Baby Show, and I’ll do a writeup for it very very soon, but we went today and I got to see all the stands I wanted to (apart from Trunki! I forgot Trunki. Boo) – it was nice going as a parent and not wanting to buy everything like when I was an expectant one – you have more idea of the things you want/need and use. They had some good play areas, particularly a vTech one – and H was quite the runner around – though we found a stand offering a free photo, and we ended up with the most miserable one of all… which of course amused me. My poor baby…. I should probably post it up as a ‘Sulky Sunday’ pic…