Wow, this no nap lark is tiring, isn’t it? Also not helped by her coming into our room at 2am to insist on coming into bed with us for a cuddle. It’s all becoming a bit of a habit.

See, our routine changed and I do wonder how much it’s unsettled her – mummy isn’t around for an extra day in the week, so she’s getting up to check we’re still there? Yes, I feel rotten, okay?

So today, her fourth no nap in seven days and we had one cranky toddler (at times) – though we went to a friends house where H’s pal also hadn’t had a nap, so instead there were two. But it was fine. A bit of painting and both girls were happy.

Having said all that, we’re at 7.30 and she’s now having a meltdown due to being tired. Me? I’m having a rest. Just for ten minutes, mind; but a rest.

On the plus side, our local car boot sale is tomorrow and I’ll probably buy even more books for a change.