So last night was another of those nights of little sleep, waking up coughing and being run down. Day time is fine usually – I can get through it, but when I get the dizzy head spells that’s never a good sign, so back to bed I went, and didn’t go to work.

I have since spent the day keeping Covonia in business. Seriously, how can they not have existed until whenever it was they did? This stuff is GOOD. The night time medicine knocks me out if I don’t have too fierce a cough (no good last night) and their throat spray (which I picked up in Poundland) is wonderful at ridding my tickly throat. I’m also helping keep Twinings in business with liquorice teabags, which I’d read were good for sore throats. Whether they are or not, they taste GOOD!

This isn’t a doctor related thing, I think it’s tiredness. Early mornings and doing two days worth of things in one day. We have to slow down. The weather doesn’t help either.

So instead I was lazy today, lying on the settee and relaxing. Recharging.

Tonight I’d really like to sleep. We’ll work on that one. It’s the next morning dizzy head part which I’m not so good at.

Last night on Sky Arts there was a great programme about Duran Duran making ‘Rio’ – with them talking about it and recreating the music (minus Andy). This was MY era of music; they were MY band. I also fell asleep while it was on. Never a good sign… especially as I couldn’t sleep once I got to bed. Sod’s law at work there.

Yesterday in the post H got a Hello Kitty shower cap which I ordered from Play.com – tonight she declared she would really like to have a shower in the morning with her new cap on, but only if I’d share with her (the shower, not the hat). Oh please let this phobia of showers be over… she hates water in her face. We even tried with her swimming hat and goggles on last weekend…