Walking home from our NCT meet up on Wednesday, and I popped into the local Tesco Express. To then be followed around the store by the in-store security bloke! Seriously! I must have looked like a robber! There’s me with my buggy, a regular customer there, and being looked at like I’m a thief! So Tesco Wallington, unless I absolutely have to, I wont be troubling you with my custom again – Sainsburys have opened a new store near us, and there’s the Co-Op too, so stuff you. (and please, make it a bit less obvious, I’m not keen on feeling like a criminal at the best of times, especially when I’m not. OH, and while you’re at it, design some baskets which can hook onto the handles of buggies, why don’t you?)

So I’m walking home, and daydreaming away as I often do. H lets out a huge scream – this is no major surprise as she’d done it for most of the afternoon. I look down, and she’s not even got her mouth open, and actually looks quite contented. I’m puzzled, to then realise a split second later that actually, an ambulance is heading in the opposite direction, and it wasn’t my daughter after all.