I got sent one of these to review over at The Baby Website, and thought I’d post my review here too – my biggest problem with this is the same as with any Baby Sleeping Bag – they’re so expensive! But if it means baby gets a good night sleep, then it’s a price you pay… You can’t really mark it down on price, as it’s the same as everything else, if that makes sense? Anyway, I think it’s going to be really useful when we’re travelling.


“A good idea.”

I feel like I’m going to need to do two reviews for this – we’re going to be flying long-haul at the end of the year, we’re taking our car seat and a regular sleeping bag wont fit properly when we need Miss H to settle inflight – this looks ideal. We’re also due a long drive which this could be perfect for in the next couple of weeks, so right now this review is based on nighttime sleeping.

Miss H’s room is quite a cold room, with two outside walls, and with the temperature drop in the last couple of days we decided it was time to move to higher tog sleeping bags.

It’s a little more difficult to get her into this than a normal sleeping bag, and we’ve found she needs socks on to keep her feet warm (it’d have been nice to have feet built into the Twinkle Tog), but once in she’s nice and cosy. The cuffs around the legs do help as she’s started pulling her socks off again, so they keep that area all tucked in tight.

I think it’s great that it’s aged from 1-2 as Miss H is an August baby and most sleeping bags cross the seasons or last for six months and we’ve needed to buy more. It’s quite pricey, but then it’s a similar price to other sleeping bags.

I liked the breakdown of layers that’s recommended for your little one on the back of the packaging so they aren’t too cold or they overheat – I’ve never had that information from other sleeping bags.

Probably the only disadvantage that we’ve found is that it’s easier for her to stand up – although even with an ordinary sleeping bag she is able to do this, so it’s not really a criticism! She’s getting more mobile, so this could also be a plus point.

In summary, a big thumbs up from us!