so we baked, and made, and baked some more, and made even more. My back hurts. We wrote a letter to Santa, we dealt with another drama queen tantrum from H, then a visit from next door which is always good.

We have a cup of milk, a carrot, a mincemeat swirl, four star biscuits and a letter for Santa from H (dictated to me, signed by H), and all we’ve got to do is get her to sleep. Her presents are all upstairs, her bike is in the loft, and part of me wants to play the tormentor and leave just the helmet out (when she’s been misbehaving today I told her Santa would only leave a helmet and no bike) but hide the bike outside or under the table, and the other part just wants the morning to come so I can see her reaction (which will be good, as she’s getting almost everything she’s asked for thanks to me cleverly making sure she sees what we’ve bought her and made her see what a good idea it is).

We’ve got wine, we’ve got mulled wine sachets, we’ve got fizz, we’re ready. Well, if we’re not now we never will be…

Here’s hoping she’ll sleep well tonight… she’s pretty tired. I’d hate for her to wake up just as her bike is being brought down from the loft….

A Perfectly Adequate Christmas Tree