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It’s September and a whole load of new programmes have made their way into our consciousness. We wont talk about the greatness of Yo Gabba Gabba over here just yet because someone in their infinite wisdom DECIDED TO DUB OUR VERSION (??!!!?!?!) and H’s Aunty Vicky in San Francisco is sending over some proper US DVD’s so we can enjoy it with the voices in sync with the characters. And relax. Plus Yo Gabba Gabba isn’t new – though it’s worthy of a mention for the cool indie bands who join in, and I swear I overheard someone at work saying one of our bands would feature on a new series, so this makes me happy (actually a quick Wikipedia and I see Super Furry Animals and Basement Jaxx in there already, so hurrah!). H will have a good musical pedigree, oh yes she will.

Creeping into our existence these last couple of weeks are Bubble Guppies. They’ve very much crept into H’s (and are perfect timing for getting in from work and starting cooking tea and needing something to zonk her out to so she doesn’t get up to mischief). From what I can gather there’s lots of floaty sea creatures who do things, and you complete the sentence to say what they’re doing… I have no examples, but it’s more a “Ooh look (insert character) is standing by the …..” (long pause) “door!” (which gives enough time for you to join in and ask your child what it’s doing. So I’m liking it for that alone, plus we don’t seem to be swamped with merchandise… Wikipedia will tell you more than you ever thought you needed to know…

EDITED TO ADD – they’ve dubbed Bubble Guppies too! *headdesk*

A friend of mine, Tash, highly recommends The Fungooms – I’ve not had a chance to look with H yet, but it looks like the kind of site where you can sit with your child and learn and it’s all online. There’s games and stories and cartoons – and what’s more it’s all free! Now I’m not a fan of H using the computer too much, but sometimes it’s unavoidable – so if it’s structured in a way which means she can play and learn… I’m up for that (and quite enjoying the section where you have to match the building to the silhouette right now and I’m on my own…) To quote from their site :
This site has been designed to be enjoyed on many levels.

  • Babies accompanied by grown-ups can enjoy the music, bright colours and simple shapes.
  • Children of pre-school age can have fun learning mouse control and interacting with the funny characters, learning while they laugh.
  • Older children will also enjoy the humour, and the challenging fun of discovering and collecting all the stars.
  • Grown-ups have even said that they’ve enjoyed playing the games to relax!
  • Finally, I tried to avoid it, but it’s no good, she loves it. Baby Jake. I thought the whole idea was creepy (baby in babygro has adventures and can talk maybe?), and it didn’t appeal to me one bit, but H watched it one day and was singing the song… and I have to say it makes her laugh out loud – and we’re talking properly laughing out loud here too so there’s definitely something that’s appealing (I’m not sure entirely what though). Having said that, when I was anxious for H to get teeth I did once photoshop mine into her mouth which freaked out all my friends I sent it to, so maybe it should appeal.

    Having said all that, we’ve only watched this much tv lately thanks to my back problem. Once that’s sorted I’ll be staying away from the goggle box for as long as I can… apart from to watch the occasional few…