H woke up once last night, asking to go to the toilet (why why why wont she do this in the day!) and ended up coming into bed with us – but a first, I didn’t cuddle her, she just placed herself between us and we all fell back asleep until the alarm went off. I can cope with that…

Today is turning into one of those days when the tv becomes our babysitter, something I’m not entirely proud of, though I’m making sure it’s not too much – and we’ve already had a walk out to the garage and post office – and I’m thinking ahead, and that this afternoon we can do our Cravendale Muppet sticking, which means another (bigger) walk to the shops – so I’m not too concerned at the tv.

We were meant to go swimming this morning but I’ve decided against it, and to West Hampstead this afternoon, but our friend had to cancel (she’s almost due, and is viewing a nursery), which means we’ve a lovely lazy day to muddle around together instead.

The power of TV lives on – post-toilet washing hands, and H insists on singing the ‘Roll up your sleeves, give your hands a wash…’ song from ‘I Can Cook’ – anyone would think we watch lots of tv… it’s got to be the catchy song, right?