We’ve been lucky – H picked up speaking really quickly and we can hold proper conversations – well, I say proper – I mean the kind which are where she replies a lot of the time saying what sounds right (and often is), but you’re never quite sure if she’s saying what she actually means.

Lately she’s said some strange things about nursery. We’ve managed to grasp from her that she wears a pull-up at naptime (yes yes, we really should be asking them, but I forget every time and surely they’ll mention something if they run out, although then again, maybe she’s not, but did once and that’s what she’s telling us? Arghhh, see! Why am I relying on what she tells me!), sometimes she really does not want to go there, occasionally (like today) she’ll burst into tears and miss me (aww), and quite often she’ll have a lovely day. Tonight H told us how she had to wear a red bracelet and go into the next room up (which she was more than happy with, I’m secretly hoping she’ll move up really early as she’s going to be the youngest in her year at school, and they’re doing things so she’ll find it easier) but she couldn’t say exactly when.

“Was it today?”
“or was it yesterday?”
“yes, it was yesterday”
(tries to be clever) “or was it when you started nursery?”
“yes, it was then”

So you see, she’s saying (I think) what she wants us to hear, not quite knowing what the right answer is. She was also extremely serious about the red bracelet, and would really like it back. I can only hope it’s all forgotten about by Monday, otherwise it’s something random that will keep coming back…

I know a child generally isn’t capable of lying (or at least, not telling the exact truth) until they’re a year or more older than H currently is, so I guess we’ll just plod along in this direction for a while longer – if only I can get her out of the habit of answering “because I did” every time I ask her why she’s done something. She’s two and a half going on twelve and a half sometimes, I swear.