Okay, so at some point in the last week the numbers 1 to 10 clicked with H, as well as a few random letters. Now when we’re out and about she’ll delightedly tell me she’s spotted a number 2, or a letter H (“for Harry”) and so on, and it’s really quite good.

Yesterday I decided it was time she played a few games on the iPod, as we don’t really encourage her to use the computers very much – and amazingly her click and drag skills were really quick – impressively so.

Fast forward to tonight and we’re sat eating tea, Shaun accidentally gives me H’s spoon, which I put in the dishwasher. She hadn’t finished her yoghurt, so I got her another spoon from the drawer – except this time she knew it wasn’t hers. No tantrums or anything, she just knew and demanded the right one. Fair enough. So I pretended to change it – something which always tricks her – but this time, no good – she knew. Shame….

Just random little bits where she’s progressing anyway. We’re at the docs tomorrow for her eyes before heading off to North London for her friends 3rd birthday party, a busy day beckons….