So we’ve made more of an effort with the toilet training this last week. Big girl pants and (probably more for us than H) a ‘Dry Like Me’ pad to catch accidents before they properly soak through. Overnight she’s still in nappies as we’re all not quite ready for that.

Yesterday was our first proper day, and I tried not to keep asking her too much if she wanted to use the toilet – we’ve found she’ll say no, but if you say you’re going then she wants to join you and sit with you, so I drank lots of water and went a lot…

We had two accidents – one was post-nap and the pad soaked it all up, no wet big girl pants – the second she was engrossed in Peppa Pig and didn’t tell us until she said “oopsie! My leggings are wet mummy, maybe I did a wee?” which was pretty good. Today we had her in a pull up (well done us, confusing her probably there) and she told us she needed to do a wee which was good – so something is clicking.

Today we’re going to attempt to go out, as far as Guildford (so a good hour in the car) and be brave. No nappies, a toilet stop both times before we set off and hopefully no accidents or wet car seats… and a change of clothes just in case. It’s funny, I remember when H was newborn and in the buggy I’d know where all the baby changing toilets were, but now I need to know where the toilets are that I can take her – or as is looking more likely, invest in a My Carry Potty pretty sharpish (Paula at Mummy vs Work is doing a very good job of convincing me).

Sometimes there’s too much to think about. What on earth did my mum do with my sister and I when we were little?