Two accidents today. Like an animal marking their territory, H seems to love getting home and sitting on our settee, my lovely large fleecy Dunelm fleece protecting it, and wee’ing on it.

Fortunately it fits in the washing machine, so that’s fine – but that means I’ve two loads waiting to be washed. Now, I wouldn’t want to tempt fate, but tomorrow my redelivery of my Lakeland airer is meant to be happening… I say meant… oh and the pickup of the faulty one.

So I’ve a pile of damp toddler clothes waiting to get clean which I might just get a chance to wash tonight, to then hang onto our lovely heated airer tomorrow… aaahh I can’t wait. This training lark will be a breeze then!

In other news she’s being very cheeky at the moment. She also wants all her old toys we put away bringing out again – mainly her Peppa Pig house (which isn’t that old but takes up space) – I told her she could have it out again if we could make space, and were there any toys she didn’t want to play with any more? She went over to her toybox, and handed me Mr Bee. Mr Bee is very small. I laughed as the cuteness of it all, bless her, she meant so well but I meant big toys.

I’ve not brought the house out yet… we need to make space. We have no space.