I signed the forms at nursery, as she’d had just the one accident, and got H into the car. Her trousers were soaking. So a quick strip by the side of the road and into the last pair of jeans in her changing bag, new pants, new socks and her shoes back on, and home we went.

She did another in the car on the way home. So there’s another pair of pants and trousers in the wash.

I do the sensible thing and put on pants with a Dry Like Me pad and her pyjamas.

She does ANOTHER. Fortunately the pad got it all and it leaked a tiny bit onto her pants.

So I just want to clasp my hands together and thank the gods of toilet training for allowing my Lakeland Heated Airer and the Dry Like Me pads to exist, as that was a couple less things to think about tonight in my 30 minutes I had to make tea (which was fortunately just soup).

This post is not a sponsored post. I’ve not received anything for free to talk about this. I have paid my hard earned honest cash for them, and GOD they’re good. I have a competition for the Dry Like Me pads over at Mum Friendly and you’ve a week left to enter. THEY ARE VERY VERY GOOD.