Oh truly, if I didn’t feel like I was going mad at times I think I probably am now… contrary Mary strikes again… though to be fair, last night when I sat her down at the table and she saw spag bol, she announced “Oh! It’s my favourite food!” and then proceeded to pick every bit of spaghetti out and slowly eat it.

She settled, and I headed out to meet my knitting group, got back around 10.30 and she woke – and proceeded to get out of bed for various reasons “my sock is falling off!” “Mummy. SING TWINKLE TWINKLE” (this one was wailed several times by around 1am until she was out of control, such was her need for me to sing twinkle twinkle) – she eventually settled by 1.30… the worst thing is you sit and wait and hope she wont wake up again, so you lose more precious night time, more precious sleep – until you get to the point where you realise you’ve four and a half hours sleep until you wake up… I’ll say it every time, but having a coffee maker which magically makes coffee for us every morning (with that extra spoonful to cope with all this) was possibly one of the best things I’ve got for my birthday – especially as it has a timer.

I do wonder where we’re going with naps – with me she did an hour and a half yesterday, possibly longer – whereas at nursery she’ll do an hour. I’m wondering whether I should cut back her naptime on days at home to help with the evening routine – though on saying that, she settled fine, she just woke up. Anyone who’s got this far, all advice recommended. I know whatever we do we have to be careful, as we’re setting ourselves up for habit if we do the wrong thing. My cousins all said to me (11 kids between three of them) the one thing they wished they could do again was the nighttime routine – so I’m conscious of getting it right while H can change her habits…

I had a laugh yesterday. We went to change her nappy, and she copied what her care workers at nursery would do, she wrapped a muslin around her waist and put Peppa Pig socks on her hands (“my gloves”) “I need a wipe now” (she was changing Jessie Cat’s nappy) “I must wear my aaa-pron” and she kind of flounced around being an important nappy changing kind of person. We’ve also had a few incidents where Jessie Cat is put down for the night, and she’ll call “Jessie Cat! I’m going next door” (which is what I tell her when I put her down for a nap…. need to change what I’m saying there!) – we’ve had Shaun switch on the monitor and pretend to be Jessie Cat crying, so H has to attend to her – which is amusing – though her caring side doesn’t really come out too much… more a kind of shouty “GO TO SLEEP JESSIE CAT I AM NEXT DOOR SSSSSHHH” and a slam of the door… at least I know I don’t do that!!

I have just overheard Shaun telling H that Nina from Nina and the Neurons (who H loves) was on an episode of Justin’s House. We may well be trying to see if H will watch it one more time… after spending a lot of time telling her crazy Unicycle Lady (aka Dee Livery, we found out) is a very helpful lady really. This could be interesting.