Yeah, taking H to the supermarket was a really sensible idea after a day at nursery. The non-thinking part of my head thought she’d be tired and would just hold my hand and get on with things so we’d be out in ten minutes – oh silly naive me.

The actual getting food and putting it in the basket bit was straightforward enough – I took someone’s advice and gave H some things to look for (actually, I asked her for everything, and she shouted out what we needed), and we wandered the aisles of Sainsburys – all fine. We had an in-depth discussion about Giraffe Bread and how it’s Not Tiger Bread, and headed for the self-serve tills.

THAT was the mistake. Every item of food put onto the weigh bit was then picked up by a short person. “An item has been removed from the bagging area” the loud boomy voice would declare, as I tried to get it back from H and continue and get the hell out of there. No such luck. The little mischief would then take a different item of shopping and run away.

By this point she was running out of sight, and I was stuck in self-serve hell. A queue of people waiting to pay for theirs, and my card in the reader, my handbag on the side, my daughter out of sight with an item of shopping in her hand while the machine told me an item had been removed. YES I KNOW THAT MACHINE, and I know it’s my mistake for not doing the regular tills where things aren’t small person height.

It has become an evil awful habit I’ve started doing, as it’s the last thing I’ve been able to grab, but I managed to get hold of H – by her hood. Ugh, I hate writing that. I was able to get contact and bring her back to the checkout (not by her hood, obviously), put the food back and put in my pin number and get my bag, while telling her that this kind of behaviour isn’t really acceptable when we’re doing such a quick shop.

Of course, she turns on the charm, “sorry mummy” in her beautiful sorry voice and she absolutely means it, and I forgive her, and turn into a calm mummy again as we get back to the car.

This is rather than a frantic mummy who had (probably) lots of pitying looks at me as I tried to deal with a little mischief who found that The Supermarket Is Her New Playground.

Sigh, and everyone tells me she’s so good… (n.b. she is, she just has moments like this, okay?)