I caught the train to work at 7.29am

I got to work at 8.10

I ate my breakfast and started work by 8.20

Had a meeting at 12.00

Ate my lunch at 12.45

Worked through my 1pm lunch and took a late lunch at 2pm, getting the early train home

I got home at 2.36.

I started work again at 2.37 with my coat still on.

At 3.06 I headed out again for school pickup. I remembered to pick up the extra child. We all came back to ours – three four year olds and two adults.

Play, coffee, cake and Yoda & Furby and all of a sudden it was 4.30 and time to head out to swimming.

Got to the swimming lesson at 5.01

Sat upstairs and answered a load of texts while trying to watch the lesson.


Looked at the clock, it was 5.23

5.25 headed down to the changing rooms to meet H

5.45 home again. Fortunately Shaun was home so cooked tea. I sat and read my emails which date back to 3pm. There were a few.

7.25. I haven’t actually replied to any. Too tired.

Tomorrow is the school disco. I am looking forward to it in a kind of ‘oh god I’ve got knitting straight after it’ kind of way. I do like to keep busy… at least I can have a drink and unwind in the pub with my wool!