How exactly are you meant to manage when your little one isn’t 100% and gets up several times in the night? H was up at 0.15, 0.35 and finally 0.45 before I got out of bed, curled up in her cotbed (not easy when you’re five foot ten) and cuddled her with me until I heard a snore – trying not to disturb Shaun as he needed his precious sleep so there’s a chance he’ll finally pass these damn exams.

She STILL woke us up at 5.30am as well.

I got by on strong caffeine at work, until around 2pm when the clarity returned and things clicked back into place – just in time for a visit from a YouTube sensation in the office (we weren’t introduced – shame as I might have been coherent by then).

Lunchtime was an emergency trip to JD Sports at the Southside shopping centre down the hill from work, as I’m in urgent need of a swimming costume for H’s lesson tomorrow. None of my friends let on that the rear of my old cossie was verging on threadless (they probably didn’t notice, to be fair, we don’t all look at each others bums) and so to protect what decency I have left I picked up a new one for £10. Except… and this is the weird bit I didn’t quite get, they’ve closed their changing rooms, as the sale is about to start. I’m guessing it’s the youth of today and them packing several tankinis on underneath their shellsuits or something, but still. Unable to try it on I’m hoping for the best. Keep everything crossed it’s not a hi-leg a la Pamela Anderson or something. I’ll look very wrong indeed. I was too tired to care.