Four days back at work and we’re all tired – and out of our daily routine. I’ve grown used to lying in bed and getting up at 9am, a lazy breakfast and getting dressed at ridiculous o’clock instead, lazing around and making the most of some family time.

I do the lottery from time to time and just now an email came through – exciting news about my ticket! I logged on, very excited – after all, last time I won ten pounds – so as Yazz once said, the only way is up, right?

the adequate lottery win


H had her MMR and booster jabs yesterday, was SO brave – no tears or anything. The nurse didn’t have any stickers so quick thinking me asked if she had plasters, so H wore them like medals on either side of her leg (and let me know “my holes have mended mummy” this morning) and was pretty upset she’d have to take the plasters off.

On Monday morning I was scolded by H. She was putting on her (longer) socks and I advised her that bunching them up a bit would make them easier to put on. “NO mummy, you are being very¬†wrong. You must NOT (wags finger at me) do that, if you try to do that again then you’ll be sitting on Time Out”


I dread to think how I’ll be punished for, say, doing up her coat or something…