Where does it all go? I mean, I get in from work sometime after 7pm, eat some food, lie down, watch my stomach being kicked (we’ve seen it a few times now), watch some tv programmes, and go to bed. If things are like this now, then what on earth is it going to be like in August?

I’ve been using my money saving head to get some good deals on things I’d need. Initially, after getting my Bounty Pack from Asda, and being disappointed that most things have vouchers that run out in May, I eventually worked out I could use this to my advantage. So I got some more Huggies newborn nappies from Tesco, using my 2 pound voucher off, and getting their welcome basket for new babies (free if you join their parenting club), costing me a grand total of around £1.50. Ish. So I’ve currently three packs of newborn nappies which have given me free extras, including baby’s first teddy (it’s small, but suitable). There’s a bazillion more clubs I need to join, for more free stuff which they seem to like you to have (I’m not complaining). I just wish the vouchers actually lasted until around the time the baby is due. Still, almost half way now (a week and a half)… eek.

Oh, and despite having all these disposable nappies, we will be using reusable ones. I just figured initially I should have both.

Cuteness alert. There’s a book somewhere out there for children who’s mum is having another baby, to help them understand. Something like “My mum has a house in her tummy” or something along those lines. Anyway, the brother or sister can talk to baby via the “Tummy Telephone”. Sorry, I find that sickeningly cute. Yet slightly odd too. Apparently the baby lives in the kitchen in the tummy house, according to this book. I’ve not really paid that much attention, it all stopped via Tummy Telephone. Then brought a ton of weird thoughts about a telephone coming out of the tummy. Oh dear. This may well be the way my brain progresses over the next year or so, I fear.