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In a week we’ll have two of the in-laws over from Australia. They’re currently in Rome having an amazing time, slowly making their way to London (and making the most of the warm weather too, I expect). This has resulted in operation ‘put some toys in the loft’ (aka we need some space). So the easy way to do it; get the two toy tubs and ask H which she wants to keep, which go away and which are a maybe.

It didn’t go so well.Too Many Toys

That was the ‘keep’ pile.

Also, what is it with Kids TV themes? For the last few days H has been singing the ‘Fireman Sam’ theme and I’ve blissfully blocked it from my brain, feeling all smug that I haven’t picked it up, until today I realised it was in fact lodged in my head and there’s no escape. It hasn’t left my head all afternoon and it’s driving me Up The Wall.

H got a medal in her party bag yesterday which she has treasured and barely taken off – and earlier today she became a ‘winner’, so needed her ‘Olympic Glasses’ (my sunglasses) then paraded around the front room, a proper little poser.

Olympic Poser

We did eventually get the tidying done, though it still took most of the afternoon. Also, our house smells of lavender – I bought three bunches of the smelliest yesterday, and oooh it’s great.