I’m noticing it more and more these days – H is so interested in everyone she meets. She’s either got a nugget of information to share with them (makes note to self, must make sure I behave or one day I’ll be a fact) or she asks them a question.

The first time we really saw her do it was at nursery – she was asking each of her friends what their favourite colour is, mainly so she could tell them hers is blue. Fair enough… I LOVE the innocence; how things like that are so important – but most important of all, she cares what colour they like too. Oh, and she’ll remember – she really pays attention.

Yesterday we bumped into a mum I know – H had classes with her girl a while back and I remembered her (she’s very confident and doesn’t have any worries about talking, whereas H is definitely so much more shy with it) – H called over to her “oh, did you know I’m three and a half now” she made sure the other little girl knew. I think she was impressed. H followed that asking her the colour question of course and they had a brief chat, both on the same wavelength.

Last weekend we were in Peacocks, and H and another girl of a similar age got chatting after discovering they had common ground as they both had Peppa Pig tops on. “We’ve got an iPad you know” said the girl all matter-of-fact to H. “we do too” she replied, “we’ve got two”. “Well mine is blue!” trumped the other girl. H, even though her favourite colour is blue answered back in the most competitive of tones “well ours is RED” in a game, set and match type of “this finishes HERE dude” kind of language.

Not to be outdone, the other girl then listed all her favourite games on her iPad. H responded with “well we have lots and lots of games DON’T WE MUMMY” where I shot a withering smile at the other mum, my sweet little competitive baby in full flow while inside I’m thinking “MAKE IT STOP” and not knowing how.

“OOH LOOK H!” I say, using the distraction technique as it sometimes works, although I’ve not actually got anything to distract her with. It seems to work. Phew. She looks to see what I’m pointing at. “errrr, a bird!” I improvise. We get ready to leave the shop, our purchases purchased and Shaun shooting me a withering look of why-do-we-have-to-go-shopping-on-a-weekend that he does.


This really is the rest of my life, isn’t it? Sigh.