Of work left this year. Of rushing home on the train for school pickups. Which is kind of bonkers considering it’s still November, even if it’s late November. My head still hasn’t quite understood it is almost the end of the year.

But there are so many things which are happening in a week or so. There’s a Year 2 carol songs presentation. There’s the school Christmas Fair. There’s her next school’s Christmas fair too. Then there’s parties, birthday and Christmas ones. Scheduling visits to Father Christmas. Pantomimes. Trips to the cinema (Charlie Brown of course) and trips to visit friends. Some which need organising and some which I’ve thought about but not actually done anything about yet.

For the last few months I’ve happily plodded on with my job, with life, stuck in a permanent October with a bit of April thrown in. Then all the mince pies started to appear in shops. THEN Bonfire Night happened. It’s all catching me unprepared, even more so this year. I have not yet seen any Easter Eggs.

I’ve already told Shaun I want to eat Christmas dinner somewhere locally, and am bemoaning the fact you can’t get a Christmas Dinner delivered like you can pizza or chinese. He always cooks it anyway, and enjoys doing it – which reminds me, should book my shopping slot to get it delivered otherwise we have to deal with supermarkets. I did that once. Never again. Especially as it would involve H being with me who will almost definitely decide that she’s bored. Or we could just spent £150 and go out somewhere and just have to get home afterwards.

Oh yes, and then there’s things like putting up a Christmas tree. Don’t tell me we have to do it next week, as I’m not entirely sure when we’ll have time to. Although we did manage to sort out all the boxes which have lived on our front room floor for the last two months last night so we have some space. Because it is DECEMBER next week.

In fact, the only thing I can pat myself on my back for is that I’ve bought almost all of H’s Christmas presents. Now that involved being really organised and spending no more than £30 a month from September onwards. So I must have known it was November. Or maybe time just isn’t a date any more, it’s just a time I wake up, work, come home again and repeat on a weekly basis.

Can someone slow things down a little please? 2015 went a bit too quickly for me. That’s all.