A month ago the idea of H working out how to spell something and getting it right happened, but it was rare. She didn’t have the confidence to try and just dismissed it from the start and it was often the easier words she managed.

At some point in the last week she’s started spelling words using her new-found phonics knowledge; it’s like something has unlocked in her mind and she’s writing words she knows are proper words, rather than all the letters she likes writing (and her name).

Earlier today we completed her homework for school, to let them know what they all did for half term. H sat and worked out the words she needed to write – she’d drawn pictures and I’d taken photos of them, so we needed a little description.

half term holiday

So that was :

the seaside (she worked this one out on her own, apart from the magic e at the end)

fireworx (I didn’t want to correct it, as she did it all, and it’s really cute and sounds right)

Portland Bill Lighthouse (I helped her with lighthouse but she worked out the rest with minimal help)

It’s like a switch has been flicked in her head and things are making sense. Her interest in phonics, reading and writing has suddenly jumped.

We’ve been sent some Stabilo pens and pencils to review, and since she started school she’s holding her pens differently. I know she used to hold them properly as we all remarked at how good she was. I’ve been really impressed with the ridges on the pencils which encourage the fingers to position themselves correctly, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference since she started using them. There’s left and right-handed pencils too, so everyone can use them. The review will come soon enough on Mum Friendly, but for now I thought this was worth mentioning – and given how much she loves drawing and writing this is perfect for her right now.

Tonight I’m moving a few holiday snaps over to the iPad Mini and we’re going to have some after-school play with Write to Read, an app we started using in the summer. I suspect I’m going to be really proud with the results. Added proudness – this : Bon Fiu Nit (with fireworks at the top) – again with the new Stabilo pens. I know pens don’t make the words form – but a good pen is one you want to use, and I think it’s pretty safe to say H does right now.

bon fiu nit