A slightly more confident H. The little girl who started 2013 ends as one who does stuff, but still has a few confidence issues.

Swimming? A piece of cake. She can happily swim (with a float of some kind) up and down the length of a pool without getting tired, constantly kicking and splashing up and down and not at all fazed by things. The next thing to work on is doing it without a float in a pool which is deeper than she’s used to. Apparently she’s very good at Vest Stroke. She has her Duckling 1,2 and 3 as well as Stage 1. No further badges though….


Speaking out loud? Not so confident, though resents not having a chance. I suspect she’s not speaking out loudly enough or putting her hand up high enough to let others know she’s interested; just like me. Waiting for something to happen that never does. Performing with her class at the school play? Nervous but did it.

Balance? She still falls over, trips up and so on. Forever bumping and scabbing her hands. She’s so sensitive about bumping her hands and is slowly letting us see them, as every time she scrubs them they hide in her sleeves and it’s a real battle to get those hands out to check them. All four year olds trip up and fall over, I just know the exact situations H does it – usually when she’s not listening to me and runs off. On Boxing Day she did just that and fell over hands-first into some mud. That went down well…. She’s so particular about her hands and I’ve no idea why. When she needs comfort, if a tv programme or film bothers her, she licks her hands. Apparently it’s because “it tastes nice”. Hm.


Learning? She’s reading quite confidently now which is amazing to see. The fact she’ll pick out words in menu’s or signs, or shops and will tell us what they say – she’s getting really confident and is speaking out when she sees them which I love hearing. She surprises me daily with what she spots, more often than not unprompted. At the weekend she drew a picture and wrote two sentences about it which she’s never done before – I was so proud of her. She didn’t ask us for any help, just showed us what she’d done. School has opened up lots of things in her mind, and she’s enjoying herself so much doing it all. We’ve been working on numbers and she’ll often find me sums to give her so she can work it out. We’ve been working on telling the time for the last year or so – she was bought a gorgeous clock for her birthday in 2012, and we got her a proper wristwatch (she has currently lost it) for Christmas this year, and how many minutes it is before the next hour, and working on multiples of five to work out how many minutes.

Friends? Things have shifted slightly with school – old ones left behind in different routines to new ones made daily. A new chaotic daily routine which we’ve all found works for us now we’ve had time to settle. Playdates planned for the new year when my new work hours kick in. Catching up with the past, the current and still doing what we do. Old friends now new daily friends and a happy child. I can’t ask for any more than that.

Music? Apparently her favourite band are One Direction and she loves Harry Styles. I have officially turned into my grandparents by teasing her about the band No Direction and their singer Harry Smiles… she only knows two of their songs though. I bought her some music this year, the Boyzone comeback single. I also bought things like the Lorde single so there’s something that doesn’t get played at Haven Holiday Camps… and she likes it. She also loved Lollibop.

H at Lollibop

Films? She loved The Moshi Monsters Movie. Mary Poppins is a firm favourite. Anything Disney is a favourite and we have a rather large collection. Frozen is the next one on the agenda and the Lego Movie after that. I love we can go to the cinema or theatre and have a fun time as a family – there are no theatre trips planned but we’re working on that.

TV? We haven’t watched Peppa Pig or Ben & Holly for a few months now. I suspect things will move back, she still loves the idea of them, she just prefers Baby Looney Tunes and Fireman Sam at the moment. Add to that Topsy & Tim and that’s the top three by a mile. I’m bringing ‘grown up’ programmes into her repertoire, and she’s currently enjoying repeats of The Great British Bake Off. Nice. Total Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle have also proved popular.

Books? So many, too many. Today I finally removed the ‘That’s Not My’ section from our bookcase as I wanted her to read them first. There are already many books to replace the space.


Characters? Moshi Monsters all the way at the moment. She can name them better than I can. We’re both playing the Moshi Monsters Village game on our iPads, me watching H very closely (nobody is going to be her friend apart from me, she’s four so that’s how it stays) and trying to teach her to save to buy a house for her moshlings rather than spend everything (she doesn’t listen to me). It’s like social networking without the networking. I figure as long as she’s closely supervised she’ll be okay. The minute she does something and doesn’t tell me I’ll remove it from the iPad.

h photo

Photography? H Takes Photos is going strong, our blog we started back in spring – a photo each week taken by H. I need to upload some more as I’m getting close to the end of the ones which are good (there are many blurry ones which have been retaken), although of late she’s taken to borrowing MY camera to take photos – she’s only had her Kidzoom one for a year. Already like her mother… I’m looking for cheap cameras like mine which have a few more functions so she can learn a bit about macro shots and when to use them (she’s already played around a bit with mine) – she just moves around a bit too much.


Teeth? I’ve forgotten what she looked like with two front teeth. The other teeth seem fine, although I wasn’t impressed with her last dentist visit – it was over in about ten seconds, a different chap to the usual lady we see. Fortunately the infection cleared and we’re not having bother with any of the other teeth. Relief.

There’s so much more, but that’s 2013 as far as I can remember. It’s been memorable.