My sense of smell has escalated to all-new levels. I can smell EVERYTHING. It means I know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE. This disturbs me a LOT. I don’t want these smell skills. It’s not nice. It makes me feel sick. You name it, I know it.

Still, tomorrow is 10 weeks. I wore my maternity jeans to work one day this week, and they were comfy, but I was paranoid.

One day off sick with morning sickness, as of yesterday.

Other than that, nothing much to report. Having a retroverted uterus means there’s always lots to read about on the internet. The latest is that to re-train my uterus to get to the right place, I’ve got to curl up, and try and get my knees to touch my chin. Jesus, I mean, if I could do that, then maybe, but actually it’s more like my head hitting the mattress and looking at my knees, while I wonder how on earth I used to be able to bite my toenails (when I was very little, mind, before I knew better). That’s fat for you, that is.

I let it slip about baby at work today, in a kind of talking about not drinking way, and P asked “oh hang on, so if you’re not drinking…..?” and offered a quizzical look. (he knew about the miscarriage). So I had to nod, as I’m rubbish at lying, plus his sister is due to give birth very soon anyway. So I can talk about babies with him without feeling like I’m talking to a boy about something they know nothing about. It’s all very odd. The only women that know are my sister, my mum and Shaun’s mum. Like I said, very odd. Boys knowing is actually quite nice. They look after you, if that makes sense.

Anyway, yes, almost 10 weeks now. Sunday, not tomorrow. My brain is officially going at the moment. Too many things I’m doing wrong at work. Baby brain, there.