..it was snowing in South London. This afternoon it wasn’t in North London. This evening it had gone from South London. That was kind of quick.. just enough time to look all pretty before it disappeared again.

There’s no more due before the weekend, though the car roof is frozen again… but it looked pretty, like a thin dusting of icing sugar over the grass and houses.


the thing I like the most about snow is the cold here isn’t as bitter, mostly.

I remember the New York cold when we arrived there in 1998, after having had over a week in the sun in California. I was the sensible one with an extra fleece, hat, scarf and gloves packed in my hand luggage, though my friends didn’t so we shared them. I remember getting out of the cab to get some cash out from a machine and my bum froze, it was that cold. I’ve never had that kind of cold since. Even a few days later in Salem and Beverly the cold wasn’t so bad.. it was cold, but you could make snow fairies. You couldn’t do that in NY – the freeze was too much.

I remember my first York City game in November 1984. We played Gillingham and I didn’t wrap up warmly enough. By half time I’d almost fainted through being so cold, and was taken to the players and families lounge to warm up in front of their fire while I waited to be picked up by my mum and dad. York won 7-1, Keith Houchen scored a hat trick. My eyes saw things in a weird yellow technicolour as I was led from the Shippo to the lounge which to this day I still get when I know I might faint. Nice carpets in there and warm, but oh I was cold.

It wasn’t so bad today.