Was yet again busy. We did stop, we properly stopped and we needed it. We also drank a lot more than we usually would, so probably needed to stop even more. There’s more photos to be added, I’m just putting this up to get it in in time.


Sunday – St Phil’s car boot sale was on, where I spent around £9 and got loads – including three DVDs. We’ve not tried Finding Nemo yet (I’m wary), but Shrek was fine (and cheap). We’re seeing the Dreamworks vs Pixar differences – Dreamworks seem to enjoy adding a pop song which dates quickly to a film, whereas Pixar pick a not-so-modern song and it doesn’t date as it was never modern. Or something. We had a nice lunch at The Sun in Carshalton where H drew a picture of daddy. It has been entered in their monthly competition…


the likeness is uncanny.


Monday – a day at work, my pilates class tonight as I brought it forward. Nothing to report other than this sign. God I hate comic sans, talk about me wanting to kick it over. I may be pre-menstrual.


Tuesday – my birthday, a celebration of the end of yet another year of my life. A morning reading and an afternoon eating and drinking, before Shaun picked up H early and we had a bit of family time together which was nice – we don’t get that apart from at weekends, which is why….



Wednesday – was so great – Shaun took the day off too, so H then had her daddy play time – she never asks me to play and build things, that’s his role in her life – before heading for a walk to the ponds to feed the ducks, popping into a few local shops and going to soft play then H’s swimming lesson, before walking back home via the park, getting home and heading out for another meal at At Verde’s in Carshalton.

Thursday – back to work. Nothing to report.

Friday – another day at work, nothing interesting again.


Saturday – we lazed around in the morning (not doing Saturday morning classes makes such a difference when you have a busy week) before heading to H’s friends party in the afternoon. We had loads of fun and caught up with lots of friends – and only realised the time when it really was getting late and it only felt like we’d been there an hour. The best bit of the party was the kids all playing in one room (they were being cocoons) while us adults chatted in the next room. H was really withdrawn for the first half hour or so but came round… is my child going to be the moody one at parties?

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