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Shaun’s birthday is two days before H’s, so his big day will forever be overshadowed by this – which he’s fine with. Even better, H is now the age she can help decide what to get him as a present and I will action it (this explains the fly swatter he once got for Fathers Day).

This morning I asked what we should get daddy.

“I know!” she said, her face lighting up “Let’s get daddy lots of toothpaste!” (this amused me a lot)
“What kind?” (I decided it would only be polite to ask)
“Oh, maybe with Peppa Pig on it?”
“Okay, but we mustn’t tell daddy, as it’s a secret” (snigger)

Of course we got downstairs and she told him. We also decided daddy needs a bunk bed (?!), as “Auntie Melissa will be sharing mine” (?!) although he’s not allowed a paddling pool.

I see a theme here… so what H wants for her birthday is some Peppa Pig toothpaste, a bunk bed and a paddling pool, then. You know, when you work out this parenting lark (or at least a part of it), it can occasionally make sense.

Ooh, an entire Yo Gabba Gabba party section. Marvellous. I still want to make H this cake.

(picture taken without permission – sorry. But with lots of inspiration)