she’s playing with her fire engine and chatting along to herself, lots of random noises and a few other words thrown in, kind of like this

“a ha ha noise nana pat aha eee ooo mee maw” which probably sounds like a bit of a regression, but it’s not.

Nursery have said she’s really advanced with her talking now which was good to hear, as you have no idea at all whether she’s doing well or not – she told me that she’d been to the park to see the ducks when I got there yesterday – constructing sentences from more than a couple of words, too.

She’s also now quite contented to sit down and read a magazine (usually the Cbeebies one) and make up stories and talk about what’s on the pages which is quite nice to hear, though most of it makes no sense.

Ah, I have a “mummy read it” so I’ll be off now…