For reasons I wont go into too much here – I started a new blog which goes into it more – keep the nice stuff on here, keep the other stuff over there.

I had to go to hospital on Tuesday for a diabetes appointment, which H attended with me. She was amazing – considering most of the time I had to keep her in her buggy (for fear of her running around in a really busy ward), but thankfully toys and books were a good distraction when she played up the most. The clinic the week before had been cancelled, so it was a double busy clinic – not ideal, but hey.

By the time we got out we were in “MY hospital” and were looking out for the “blue lady” (nurse/midwife), everyone medical who saw her seemed to think she was extremely cute and did the “awwww” thing without being too much like they didn’t mean it.

By the time we got home I was pretty upset and curled up on the settee with H, put Peppa Pig on and cuddled her under a blanket. “Mummy crying!” she said, and gave me a cuddle.

I’d really intended never to cry in front of her, but sometimes you can’t help yourself. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to have affected her too much, which is a relief.

So I’ll sign off now, I’ve had an hour or so’s blogging and internetting and stuff, we’re all good again, and onwards we go….

(I’ll try and do a more H related post tomorrow)