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Tonight we’re starting a new regime in our house. We’ll be listening to our first SlimPod.

“What’s one of those?”, I’m sure you’re asking. We’re not entirely sure just yet, apart from knowing it’s a ten minute podcast that you listen to it at the end of the day. Given my past with hypnotherapy and me feeling like it did some good, I’m giving it a try – but there’s another reason.

When I was pregnant with H, I developed Gestational Diabetes around the 26 week mark. Last year I got pregnant again, and even though I weighed a lot less than I had with H, the diabetes came back. There have been moments since when I’m aware of my blood sugars – while I’m certain I don’t have diabetes it’s something which I’m at high risk of developing the older I get.

When I heard that Thinking Slimmer were looking for people with Diabetes to try out the SlimPod, I put forward my history. I don’t have diabetes right now but it’s something I need to do as much as I can to prevent it redeveloping – and I know my eating habits aren’t the best. In fact, they’re pretty bad. I need to re-evaluate my life, let it fit in with what little time I’ve got in the evening and make sure we’re all enjoying our food.

Add to this my father-in-law has diabetes – so it’d be safe to say it’s a family concern – this goes all the way down to H and what we teach her.

So tonight I’ll be downloading and listening, and over the weeks I’ll be reporting back. I’ll be back doing the Monday Meal plan, and hopefully making a difference to all our lives in this house. It’s quite a task, we’ll do it.