Okay. I’ll be honest. I’ve not lost any weight I don’t think. BUT! That isn’t what it’s all about – it’s about changing your ways and getting into your subconscious to make permanent changes. I do feel like I’ve progressed there hugely.

That alone is worth writing about. It’s an ongoing process, and not something which will work overnight – I’m very accepting of that. I have still had crisps and chocolate and biscuits – but just not at every available opportunity which is how I was before I started this.

These days I’ll head to Sainsburys on the way to work and all you see as you get to the tills are stacks of chocolate, all reduced. A month ago I’d have bought one – but it feels different; I’ve a different mindset. I know it’s placed there to make me think I need it, but actually I don’t. I don’t even have my 20p finger of Fudge’s any more even. That’s not to say I’ve not had an occasional chocolate bar, but that was more through hitting a point at work where food became my comfort when I needed the afternoon to go a lot faster.

That’s my biggest problem – my bad snacking habits are a prop. If I have too much space to think then I eat. So I’ve got my Graze box now – next one due tomorrow – and so far those are helping as far as afternoon snacks go. I should price up the two and see how they compare – old vs new. Yes, I know I could eat fruit, and I should. I’m definitely more of a vegetable person though… I’ll get to that bit when I’m ready – right now I’ll deal with this.

I’m half way, I’ve another 21 days of listening – and I think there’s subtle positive changes there, reminders of what I should be doing rather than what I’m doing. It’s a good thing, and hopefully will help prevent diabetes ever reoccurring. Ever.