Sonya nominated me, and as she is a rock n roll mum I must do as she says – I’m absolutely fine with this though, so all is good in the world. Let me tell you ten interesting facts about myself.

1. My first proper bedroom in our house in York had the coolest wallpaper in the street. It was proper Magic Roundabout wallpaper, and even when we moved away in 1979 I was gutted to leave the paper behind. (yeah, this starts well, a fact about wallpaper. Bear with me)

2. I own six gold discs. Only three of them have my name on – the other three belong to someone else. I didn’t steal them. One lives in the downstairs toilet, one lives with my mum (my first ever one, an Oasis one for ‘D’You Know What I Mean’), and two are on my bedroom wall (Pixies and Interpol). When I did my back in and the ambulance man was noseying in the bedroom as I was puffing on the gas and air he asked “ah, does your husband work in music then?”. PSHAW.

3. I have had thank you’s on several albums and singles. My first ever thank you was on a single by excellent Bristol band The Groove Farm. It says ‘To Jo in York – Happy Now?’ as I may have badgered them into it. I am not the person with my name who gets thankyou’s in Duran Duran albums though I have been known to pretend I am when I’m feeling bad. My favourite ones are the Kristin Hersh and Throwing Muses albums and the Pixies second best of.

4. The only times I’ve been to hospital for treatment were having all my wisdom teeth out and having H. My sister pretty much had her own ward at York District, she was that accident prone. This means that I am more than likely sensible and boring. I’m content with this.

5. I own too much of everything. Too many LPs, too many 12″ singles, too many 7″ singles, in fact, my 10″ section is the most manageable. Don’t mention the CDs. I keep Music Magpie going I think. This is what over 20 years working in music does to you – you accumulate a lot of CDs you can’t bear to part from. I’ve a wide Billy bookcase from Ikea with extra shelves doubled up, and I need more space. My flat in Camberwell was burgled and they took most of my G to H section. I had so many I still think of ones that were taken these days – and this happened thirteen years ago. I also own The Housemartins ‘Sheep’ single five times.

6. I was a majorette when I was ten. I can still do figure-of-8, vertical and horizontal. I lost my baton when I left Bristol, as I did have it for years afterwards and would bring it out to impress my friends with my amazing co-ordination and twirling skills (see, it’s a right laugh a minute around me… sob). These days I have zero co-ordination and have problems doing two things at once in Pilates classes let alone anything else. I will not be sharing ANY photos though might show Rachel and Sonya when they come to stay here before BritMums. Maybe.

7. The Sound of Music really is my favourite film of all time. Because Shaun rocks he insisted we went to Salzburg on our first wedding anniversary, and did TSOM tour, but he sung all the songs as I was too emotional. True fact.

8. I’ve lived in four places ever – York, Market Weighton, Bristol and London. Of those places I’ve had seventeen different homes.

9. I am utterly hopeless at talking about myself, but excellent at namedropping. A few useless namedrops – Jimmy Hill eats weirdly, Kim Deal is lovely, Jack White looks very pale, Nick Cave used Maclaren (I was disappointed, I wanted him to push an old school pram), I have rubbed Adele’s arm, I have also rubbed Hazel O’Connor’s arm, Kylie is as tall as  where my boobs are, I once was friends with the real Gareth Bale on Facebook (it’s complicated), I think I may have shaken hand with Hank Marvin (maybe), I knew Noel Gallagher when he was an Inspiral Carpets roadie.

10. I have only ever had five full-time jobs in my life. Four of them have been in music. In April I’ll have been working for the company for 14 years and I have now officially crossed over to the world of old people. I had someone explaining Soulja Boy to me today and I heard myself talking and felt like my Auntie Florrie when I kept trying to tell them how much I loved the Mighty Lemon Drops. Before music I worked in insurance.

Here is a badge I have stolen from Sonya’s site.

blog awards

Now to the other bit. I’ve been nominated for the MADS. This is a Mum and Dad blogger type award, and it’s lovely to get a nomination – but I’m not going to let it go further. While there’s zero chance I’d even make the finals (I’m not someone who likes to shout or make a fuss, I have difficulty at work talking to four people with confidence), there’s far worthier people who you should nominate, should you choose to. So please please vote for Rachel – this time last year she was living up the road and I saw her loads, until plans meant she moved to Exeter, far away from us! We still keep in touch and I’m so happy that she blogs (even if I don’t comment as much as I should do) as it feels like she’s only up the road (which I guess in American or Australian terms she is really).

Also, please vote for Sonya – she makes me laugh and feel sad (depending on how the post is meant to go, obvs) and I think she’s ace – you get a large slice of her head, and like Rachel she writes well, and you know exactly what she’s thinking – she’s not like me going off at tangents about random things that don’t matter (even if she’ll say she does. She’s lying).

Plus Rachel, Sonya and I have formed an imaginary band whose name I have already forgotten – I like imaginary bands –  and we’re making up our own blog awards to dish out, a bit like when NME started the Brats as a two-fingers-to-The-Brits type moment (not that any of us are putting two fingers up, I just find it highly unfair there’s no category for the most exclamation marks, brackets, dashes and commas in one sentence as I’d walk it).

I would also say vote for Caterpillar Tales, as I do pilates with Hannah and we’ve got to know each other as she’s local to me, and she’s lovely and excellent and I think the blog has some brilliant ideas.

Oh sod it, vote for everyone in my blogroll, if I leave anyone out I’ll feel bad, I think they’re all brilliant.