Let’s get the funnies over with. Today prior to our swimming lesson H and I went to the loo. She always goes first and I always follow. Today she piped up (once I’d sat down) “ooh mummy, you’re so HAIRY there” – why oh why does she do this in the loos when there’s someone in EVERY cubicle?

I tried not to laugh too much and kept telling her to shush, but she really really wanted to know. Sigh. I told her she’d find out in enough time.

Anyway, swimming – things are progressing amazingly. She got her badges and certificates and is being moved up a class, and while the computers at the pool say there’s no spaces, our excellent teacher says she knows she has one in her group, which means we should be able to move up AND keep our teacher which makes us both really happy. Even better, it’s a little bit later which fits in with school now that’s on the horizon. I’m very happy.

Today in class they practised more swimming ‘like a frog’ – doing the legs for breast stroke – I can see how well H listens and does what she’s meant to which is great – she’s currently showing Shaun what she did in her lesson in our bath… seriously, I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all going. Things feel great at the moment, and that makes me happy. I’m so glad we started H early with swimming – her attention is really good and I’m convinced it’s due to her doing it for so long.