Tonight while eating tea, H piped up in such a grown up way I had to stare at her – this wasn’t my little three-year old, this was a mini adult – her conversational skills amaze me. I know blogs are all full of gush gush gush about how utterly fabulous their child is, and I do try to avoid it, but sometimes I look and think “you were only a baby three years ago, how did that happen?”. Being someone who is utterly rubbish at taking any kind of compliment I still can’t look at H and think I had something to do with it. It’s everyone else, not me.

One thing I’ve spotted in her is how she’ll watch something or work on something with me, or we’ll do some spelling or mathematics and she’ll get really cross and frustrated. Fast forward 24 hours and she’s telling me 4+3=7 with great authority or how you spell a certain word. A lot has to be down to her age, but I also see similarities with me. The amount of times that I reply to something quickly and sound ridiculous, where I should have waited 24 hours and been measured about it are too numerous to mention. She hasn’t yet started to steam in without thinking, just saying whatever comes into her head, she doesn’t have that ‘confidence’. Truth be told, I don’t really either.

It’s interesting to watch – right now my little girl is becoming a proper little girl doing little girl things, she already has ideas about what are boys or girls things (and oh, I was cross the other day – on Facebook someone had some Toy Story, Cars and Wall-E “books for boys” for sale, seriously) which I’m trying to stamp out – pointing out her cousin and second cousin who are both boys liked the colour pink. I think she gets it. Actually, I know she’ll get it when she comes back to me about it in a few days time – it’s the thought out thought process again.

I became a proper hypocrite this weekend just gone. I’ve often frowned upon people when I see their young child of a similar age to H sitting in the front seat of a car, thinking they’re irresponsible for doing so. Looking at the law it is legal, so I’m just being judgemental about it. Anyway, we drove to Wickes to pick up a Tuff Spot for some outdoor messy play. Of course it didn’t fit in the car without squashing H, so she had to transfer to the front seat, an adventure she found great while I drove so slowly I really was a Sunday driver. Fortunately the roads were quiet and we picked a good time of day to go, and H happily held onto my bag in the passenger seat with her new sense of responsibility. I’m actually more scared that a child has to be 135cm when they don’t use a booster seat any more – going on H’s rate of growth she’ll probably be five…

Playpennies linked to this today and I like it. I’m up for it – the 52 week saving challenge. Start with £1 and work up to £52, saving about £1378 in the process. A lot depends on childcare costs when H starts school, though I know it will be a lot easier as we’re not paying £45 a day in nursery fees… I reckon it’s do-able. Who’s in?