1. she’s taken to waving when the computer has an email alert. it’s very funny.

2. she now sings into her microphone, though I’ve not yet got film of it

3. She is Missy Snotbubble today with her very blocked up nose – teething horribleness, the front two…

4. she’s also taken to climbing up the rails on her cot, resting her mouth on the teething rail (thank god it has one)

5. did I mention she’s crawling? Properly, almost as of this week, plus she can push herself upright from lying down

6. today she latched onto my arm. While that is not a rare occurrence in itself, the subsequent big raspberry she blew on my arm made us both laugh out loud. Especially her!

7. She can also re-set the V+ box. Thank god nothing was recording at the time…