We’re sat eating tea last night, and she’d finished hers, almost, and started asking for blueberries. We said no, and that she had to eat her noodles and vegetables first, and plenty of those “green berries” (soya beans) – she tried the old shoving loads in her mouth, and subtly spitting them out! God.

This morning she woke up (at the proper time, we wont count the two in the night) and sat up, and as with every other morning it was “daddy? daddy?” – she’s such a daddy’s girl. Shaun appears, shaving foam all over his face, and she babbled something neither of us could make out and pointed to her face. We think she was telling us that daddy had this strange white stuff on his face.

She’s also pointed in the area of her last molar (of this lot) like it’s giving her a bit of bother. She lets me feel that area, and it feels imminent (though it has for weeks now) – hopefully today or tomorrow, anyway. She can say “teeth” and does the sign for cleaning teeth too.

Teeth and cheese. Two very lispy tongue-y words she’s mastered there.

We went to the park yesterday with Lornae and Tracy (and K and R) and H finally got a proper free walk outside – a few stumbles, but generally she just wanted to join in with the other two, and wanted to climb and play and have some fun, bless her. Not so good was our formerly child-friendly cafe asking us to “keep our children under control” (which would make you think they were out of control – they weren’t, they were walking around an empty cafe, and weren’t in anyones ways), and indeed, as I got in and went to get a child seat, I was instructed “this can’t go here” (the buggy) – well yes, I’m going to get the seat to sit my daughter into, and then will fold it up. But no, I got a moody “I will bring you it” – it was really unwelcoming, and considering how nice it used to be.. well, it made me sad. So I wont be putting any more business the way of Roast & Ground in Carshalton. I was actually quite embarrassed I recommended it to my friends, considering how they were with us. We changed our food to takeouts, and ate in the park instead.