for ages now I’ve had an idea of setting up a website to deal with mum-related things locally, and got excited the other week as the perfect opportunity arose to meet some local mums who are in business – so I was gutted to find out about 10 minutes before we met that actually, that website already existed! Even moreso to find out most of the things in my head are on that site – so in some ways I’m sad, and in others I’m glad (as it now exists). So it deserves a very worthy mention, as it’s prettier than I’d have made it (when I got around to it..). Carshalton Mums.

Anyway, H stuff. Oh she’s funny. We’re now really getting into the copying of phrases straight after you’ve said them bit – from things like “silly daddy!” and “oh no!” (this one is great, it’s always when something goes slightly wrong, she’ll call out “OH NO!” with a slight northern accent (hmm, wonder where she got that from?)) and Shaun trying desperately to have a “silly mummy” in there too, to try rebalance the silliness. You say it, and if she’s talking to you (yep, she also ignores me) then she’ll probably repeat it. How about her then saying “mummy, listen!” – oh dear. That’ll be when she’s ignoring me or getting cross. “H, listen!”

So yes, she’s picking up so much and there’s never time to double think about it either. There’s still moments of hilarity where she’ll spill a bit of food on the floor, say “Oh dear!!!” and then tip the rest on, while repeating “oh dear!” a few times… her personality is coming right out.

Today we took her to Deen City Farm, where she excitedly ran about (while being held with her LittleLife Backpack) seeing cows, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, roosters, horses and more.. I think she liked it.