This weeks down, I’m down to three pairs of jeans now, and the last notch on my belt. That’s not really a down as such, but you know… when you’re saying goodbye to parts of your wardrobe, it is kind of sad. Three pairs of jeans, and sunny weather, so they can be regularly washed and put on the line, though. Hurrah!

A plus side is a whole new style of dressing which I’m unaccustomed to – clingy tops, ones that show off my body. It’s all weird, and not the way I’d normally be. But as I’m growing, I don’t really have a huge amount of choice, and I’m not about to start wearing kaftans.

I’m still swimming once or twice a week, which is good – managed 24 lengths this morning before I felt a bit bored of it, so left the pool early.

Baby is regularly kicking now, and I felt a leg on Saturday night, which was weird. Alien baby is with us… Baby seems to like waking up around dinner time and having a good kick around. It’s really reassuring though – like, before then you’d wonder what on earth was going on, and would get paranoid about things – but actually, now you just want baby to wake up and kick you in the guts because it feels nice, and quite funny.

Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind in the next 10-15 weeks in this matter.