This being pregnant lark – except today I feel like I’m not pregnant. I guess that’s one thing I’ve learnt – go with your instincts. However, I’ve noticed my boobs are bigger already. Oh heck. The good side to this is I’ve spotted M&S do some good bras that aren’t maternity ones (you’re not supposed to wear underwired ones – so I stocked up on sports bras last time) – so I might treat myself there. Last night was the heartburn, oh joy.

I’ve got out of the Christmas Party by telling people I’m on antibiotics, so it wouldn’t be much fun, and I think that worked. Well, J tried to persuade me to go, but I just can’t do it. I don’t have a problem with not drinking, it’s more a problem with the hideously drunk people at work (of which J is not one).

Anyway, went to the doctor this morning, who has confirmed the 22nd August. Which makes me smile – that was the day I registered my last pregnancy this year, the day after Shaun’s birthday when we found out. And even more ironically, although I’m sure I’ve mentioned this, it’s the day after Shaun’s birthday.

I swear my brain isn’t going loopy (though I am getting really tired), but I really am forgetting things very easily.

Well, I’ve finished work for this year, and have lots of friends to go and visit, so I’m doing that to keep occupied. This time next week and we should be back in York, ready for Christmas… hurrah!