god, I feel miserable right now. My first day back at work, which was fine, and there were no problems there, other than feeling a bit shellshocked by it all, and minor panics about moving house (one week to go… zero packing done), but knowing that H was at nursery and having a good time.

So I left the office at 4.15, a bit later than I’d intended, and did the drive home. It took over an hour. Over an hour. By the time I’d set myself the target of getting to nursery at 5.15 and I was still driving, I was in tears. My poor little poppet had been at nursery for ten WHOLE hours, and I felt rotten, like I’d neglected her properly, and nothing else in the world mattered.

Course, she had a good day at nursery, was fine, and wondered why her silly mummy was sat in the office in tears, rather than heading home like she wanted to. Little sausage. Silly mummy. Argh, though. I’m hoping it’s just post-Wimbledon traffic, if it’s like it next week, I might have to reconsider the hours I’ll be doing, it’s too heart wrenching being stuck in traffic and knowing that she’s sat waiting for me, probably the last baby in the room. I think I need to stop being so selfish, and think about her a bit more.

(beats self up)