Is when you get home and stop.

I’m exhausted today. Chasing around everywhere and driving about wherever we could for a week stopped today. I feel like I’ve got a large brick weighing me down, telling me to stop. It’s exhausting.

I have a billion things to write about, a zillion things to review that we liked and the reviews were all in my head until this wave of tiredness came.

I think this is what happened last year too. ¬†We don’t do relaxing holidays – we do family time together, enjoying being with each other and doing things together. I don’t think I know how to stop – I don’t like stopping. I need things to do otherwise I get twitchy.

The only reason I can think of that our holidays are like this is because we don’t have that time apart from at weekends – and you know what, it was brilliant. My little girl has such a character – her sense of humour has come on massively. She’d often tell me something I’d be vaguely horrified she’d done, to be greeted with a “TRICKED YOU MUMMY!” in response. She’s pretty good at it too. Or how about her twenty stomachs? Oh yes, twenty. So she’ll finish her food being full, only to declare she’s definitely got room in her ice cream tummy for a little bit more when something more appealing crops up afterwards. She can (and will) list all her different tummies for you. She’s heading for great disappointment when biology lessons kick in…

She’s also got a brilliant lack of time and measurement and I don’t have the heart to correct it as it’s so funny – she told us yesterday that the song on the stereo could only be played for ‘the next two miles’ and would need to be stopped, and it would be two miles by the time she counted to 31. Obviously I tricked her so the song finished before she finished counting, much to her pretend disappointment.

Then there’s her camera! That was funny – she’s started copying me (yes, I am tempted to start a photo blog for the 3 year old with her comments as typed by me) – taking photos of everything. They’re sometimes pointed in the right place too, but more often than not she’s moved the camera away before pressing the button. They’re brilliantly charming and she loved doing it.

One thing about coming back that I love though, my own bed. All the beds we slept on were comfy, but you can’t beat your own bed and a proper nights sleep at home.