We went yesterday, and it was looking like a rainy Sunday. I’d said jokingly “maybe we should go today too” in a half hearted way. So I looked, there were two seats in the stalls right at the back. I was in two minds about it, but went back to look and see if they were still available. They were, but even better than that, two tickets had suddenly appeared in Row K – ten rows ahead of where we were the previous day.

So I bought two tickets, figuring if they’re still available at this late stage we’re not doing anyone out of a ticket. We rushed and made a bone and a flower, as we’re now experts in all things Wiggles so know what’s going on*. Jumped in the car, and we were off, back to Hammersmith. (added bonus, all the parking on the streets is free on a Sunday)

Wiggles Live at Hammersmith - the second flower and bone

Wiggles Live at Hammersmith - the second flower and bone

This time knowing the auditorium may not be open, we waited until 30 minutes before stage time – a sensible decision. Even better, we met up Rosie (who takes fabulous photos, please check her site) and her girls, plus Sophie and her kids at the Wetherspoons pub around the corner. Once we got inside the venue I realised Camilla and her family were on the row in front of us – and we had even better seats than the previous day – room for H to dance (she’d had a 30 minute nap in the car and was looking a lot more lively).

We had a 20 minute wait before the lights dimmed, and we had an identical show to the previous day, although by the end I did remember some bits which had been missed (really little things). I also realised the three new Wiggles were in fact on this tour, so we’re already getting used to them.

There was the obligatory give the bone to the dancer, which H did as she was returning back to the stage (it wasn’t as easy as the previous day), before Greg and Murray headed our way again – Murray went straight off to the back/top area so we didn’t see him, whereas Greg was mobbed – we held back, but realised he’d have to move on soon, so H and I crept to the queue, I did the not-quite-pushy-mum thing of telling her where to go while I held back (and took photos so she’ll remember it) – she handed her flower to Greg then turned her back and came back to find me – just as Greg read the back and looked like he was saying “Oh, are you H?” d’oh…

The Wiggles Hammersmith - H handing Greg her flower and Greg reading the back

The Wiggles Hammersmith - H handing Greg her flower and Greg reading the back as H walks away...

Anyway, prior to this they’d done ‘Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport’ and H jumped out of her seat to dance (hurrah!), only for her to do a really enthusiastic jump with her top lip landing on my knee. Ouch – cue one screaming toddler, blood and cuddles. Fortunately I had water and wipes and she calmed down quickly – but oh, it was a bump. So for the next twenty minutes she sat doing occasional hand movements to the songs, and my heart sank – had it not been for that incident she’d have been down the front. (probably)

As it was, wounds heal and the power of fun and the Wiggles helps a lot, so much that she was back on her feet by the time ‘Do The Monkey’ came around (although she insisted on being a frog which doesn’t feature in the song). Full of happy I videoed her dancing, knowing things would be absolutely fine.

Her new favourite dance is this one. She does it for everything, ever.

Anyway, by the end we were stood dancing again, she was dancing on her own (usually like the video above), or jumping up and down again (hurrah!), until the show was over. That’s it, the last Wiggles as-we-know-it show in London with the newbies (and Anthony) to take over next year.

You know what? I did almost shed a tear on that last goodbye. I held up H and we both waved to them. They might have seen us, though they saw thousands of others too, but almost every time they made you feel like you were the person they were entertaining, and that’s a damn good gift to have.

As they’d say, “beeeeeautyyyy, mate!”

The Wiggles Hammersmith - Jeff, Greg and Murray's final goodbye

The Wiggles Hammersmith - Jeff, Greg and Murray's final goodbye

My only question now, what on earth can top this? What can we follow this with?
* this is a lie, obviously.