This week has been a bit busy, in a kind of “wow, the weekend is over? damn.” kind of way.

Wednesday we were meant to go to a craft morning in Oxted but didn’t make it – so had a lazy morning which was much-needed. H had her swimming lesson in the afternoon where they had a helper in the pool with them, so loads of swim time which was great and made me happy. She’s so confident in the water and jumping in at the end too, and it’s great to watch. We stopped by Calladoodles on the way to swimming to pick up some presents for my mum for Mother’s Day, where I then spent my cash on some lovely things. Claire likes her indie so we had a good chat about Britpop and all that.

Thursday and I was meant to get a new phone, finally buying myself out of my old contract to have a phone which worked, but it didn’t turn up until Friday – so I’m now a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy III Mini which I’m more than happy with. It’s also the last piece of the jigsaw in my reorganising our gadgets – I removed loads of apps from my iPod now I can do them on my phone, and added loads of music in its place – taking the tape gadget into the car, so we finally properly got to listen to a few episodes of the Proper Magic Roundabout today in the car – although H fell asleep. Shaun and I chuckled away at it, ahh they don’t make them like that any more.


Saturday was our monthly farmers market – we used to go all the time when we lived in Wallington, but now we’re a bit further away it kind of tailed off, though we’d sometimes stumble across it in Sutton. Anyway, we’re back on the case and buying things locally which is nice. There’s a nice lady with a cake stall Lovingly Made, and we bought a gorgeous chocolate heart with mallow and fudge in it for me for Mother’s Day. She made the most amazing Wizard of Oz birthday cake which is on her Facebook page – check it out. H got given a small pot of Damson Jam (from the excellent Koula’s Kitchen, includes a ‘jar of love’ in each pot) which was nice too. Their gooseberry jam is DIVINE.

After that we headed home, made some sodabread and some meringues thanks to posts on Making It Up and Playpennies in the last week or two, the meringues failed the first time but were nice and fresh eggs we picked up at the market – and we had enough for a second batch.

Last night was a pizza and film night – we got H bathed early and in her pyjamas then got a Domino’s order in – pre-booked hours earlier when we had time to think. H being the boss of us the film was Toy Story 2 (I swear, tomorrow I’m going to Sainsbury’s as they have a Buy One Get One Free on Disney titles says Alex – so that’s Finding Nemo and something else, ANYTHING else really. I do like Toy Story but we need more variety. It was nice to sit and relax anyway.

After that it was Hannah‘s birthday celebrations, so a few glasses of wine at the Greyhound down the road and some great chat (and drunken plans to set up a monthly bloggers meet to teach people how to use WordPress and to brainstorm ideas).


Drinking wine gives me a headache and I had one this morning, especially when H woke up at 6.30 and whimpered for mummy. She wanted a drink of water. I wanted something to ease my head. Fortunately it was Mother’s Day so instead I had breakfast in bed – H took the order “mummy, do you want water, juice or a smoothie to drink? I’ll get you a water” without asking me – I think I let her choose things but maybe I’m seeing a reflection of me making decisions for her? Interesting…

Anyway, I had a lie in and loved my Mother’s Day heart and breakfast in bed, forming plans to head to Painshill Park in Cobham as it’s free for Mums on Mothering Sunday. This is our third year of doing it, (it’s free for Dads on Father’s Day too) and I love going back – it’s a weird good eerie kind of park. The fresh air did the trick anyway and I felt human again. I put H’s hat on and in broad daylight spotted several white specks in her hair – yep, we’ve visitors.. arghhhh. I am now looking into an electric comb as it’s quicker and less boring (for all of us).

The Painshill shop is great, although didn’t have any coasters (yeah, go me and my domesticated life), but had some bath cupcakes which are like bath bombs and were too intriguing to not buy one of. I like my smellies….

We met up with Alex, Adam and J and H and J chatted away – it’s great as they’ve grown up together and now they chat to each other like old friends – and it’s all really sweet. They even bicker like an old married couple. Oh, and they both think saying the word “poo” is hysterical.


We did two hours of walking which according to Alex’s pedometer is 1 or 2 points, but according to my WW app is 6. I’ll take six thankyouverymuch.

So we got home, had tea and finished off a busy few days with a delightful tea tree comb through H’s hair to get rid of the critters, and I don’t think I’ll bother with Argos for head lice combs – you type it in and it takes you to electric toothbrushes – things could get complicated….