Our baby has gone chew-crazy. She wants everything – everything – in her mouth. The other day I had a signed-for delivery, and she tried to grab the pen to chew, and then the paper I was trying to sign with. She’s currently got the “Red Fox” from her cube thingummy in her mouth, he seems particularly appetising.

So, because she’s chew-crazy, we decided that as she keeps trying to grab our food, we’ll let her try certain ones. So far she’s had some broccoli, banana (she LOVED the banana), and an oatmeal cracker.

Add to that she’s now accustomed to her sippy cup, and after an initial “ewwww, tastes weird” she seems to not mind water.

She’s still not rolling though, and there’s no real signs she’s going to. She sometimes tries, but she’s just way too occupied with putting her feet in her mouth.

Ah well, another week beckons, and I’m sure will bring more new things. She’s growing up every day, and I’m really enjoying this bit of her. She’s also taken to singing – every morning some time between 5am to 6am she’ll spend a bit of time in her cot singing along to herself. I’ve taken it to mean she’s letting us know she’s awake, although she then sets herself off to sleep again afterwards, until the cries get louder, before you realise she’s just telling you she wants to get out of there. See, that in itself is kind of odd – she’s talking to us in ways I never imagined I’d understand. We’ve almost cracked the different kinds of cries too. Almost…