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For as long as I can remember I’ve loved musicals. My favourite of all time (and indeed my favourite film) is The Sound of Music. I LOVE it. If there’s a production of it on stage I’ll do my best to go (Connie Fisher was amazing, for the record) and if it’s on tv we have to watch it (despite me owning it several times on DVD). Mary Poppins comes a close second though I’d struggle calling it a musical – it’s a play with songs, right? Add to that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and you’ve pretty much got my childhood in three films as well as three soundtracks I possess.

Oh, and all three films were on over Christmas on tv.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was interesting. There’s the obvious scary bit – the Childcatcher, which I explained to H as well as I could “err. he’s pretending” and she seemed fine with that as an explanation. She loved the songs and loved that ‘Bert’ was in it, and thought it was brilliant all the children were free by the end, so ultimately enjoyed it. She still asks about the Childcatcher on a daily basis, just to make sure it is just someone acting and isn’t real.

The Childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Mary Poppins needs no explanation, in fact the only thing she found scary (last Christmas – 2012) was when they laughed too much and rose to the ceiling – so seeing it was on was a nice easy one as we’ve watched our DVD several times since.

The Sound of Music, however, was an interesting one. “why are the men being angry?” she asked in an almost Gretl-like way, so somehow Shaun and I had to explain about Hitler, and how he was a Very Bad Man who was taking over Austria and how the Von Trapps needed to escape. She asked about this almost as much as the Childcatcher, wanting to make sure The Bad Man had gone away. “Yes, he’s dead” we confirmed, and she seemed satisfied with that. This is progress on last year, as the Von Trapps left Salzburg she wondered “is the daddy still angry they sung loudly when he was trying to sleep?”. How on earth do you explain about Hitler to a four year old? Especially when she can’t get her head around the fact nobody plays him in the film yet he features in such a way. “but why did nobody play the bad man mummy?” “Because it’s not about him! It’s about the Captain and Mary Poppins, okay?”

Captain von Trapp Ripping the flag

Today H asked for all three soundtracks to be added to her iPod. I duly obliged.

This afternoon we popped to Ikea. H could be found around the kitchen area singing “I’d like to stay, and taste my first champagne! So long, farewell, of weeeweeeeeweea la laaaaaa, doo diddle doo doo do doo dooo” at a fairly raised level. I looked on in pride. My work is done.

*rubs hands together, knows the next step is the Wizard of Oz which we watched some of over Christmas… hehehe*

pictures stolen from various places on the internet. Sorry.