We’re all full of snot today. We went out to the Children’s Centre over the road, and I spent the entire time feeling like I was underwater – not being able to hear much – including H. I looked in the mirror at the end and saw a face with chapped lips and a red nose looking back – and H too. Attractive… so an afternoon out has been cancelled, and an afternoon of play and catching up on tv is happening instead.

On the plus side, I finally got H to sit and do the actions to all the songs we sing at the centre – we’ve been going since she was four months old, so she’s grown up with the songs (a couple I’ve never heard before), as well as the more regular ones.

One BIG thing – we’ve got tickets to see The Wiggles! This is quite exciting, it’ll be H’s first gig (ha, she’ll thank me for that in years to come), we’ve got aisle seats (room to dance!). I completely forgot they went on sale yesterday, but thankfully they don’t sell out (even with the original yellow Wiggle Greg returning) so we got decent seats.

So, to celebrate being full of snot we’re watching lots of YouTube videos (oh the adverts annoy me so – I only get ones for Superga trainers and Butlins as that’s all I’ve searched in the last week), and some Badly Dubbed TV aka the British version of Yo Gabba Gabba – pleasingly, this mornings one was the one with the ‘Babies’ song on it which H loves. We’ve some music to listen to (I might save a play of the new Mark Lanegan Band album for another time….), so some dancing too… so yes, not a lost afternoon after all.

Oh, and in other news, everyone slept last night except me, tired out, a rare bit of insomnia took me over, so I stayed downstairs with a chamomile tea until half past midnight doing a puzzle over at 58 Works instead.