Last night she got ill. She started crying just after 11pm, which is a bit earlier than she usually does, if she wants a midnight feed. I went up, fed her for a bit, but thought she seemed a bit warm. Actually, Very Very warm. So Shaun went and got the thermometer (an ear one, so the most accurate), and she was in high temperature mode.

From that point onwards it’s a bit of a blur. No hot gums like she’d get when teething was bothering her, just her cheeks and body – it was a proper fever. We dosed her up on calpol which brought her temperature down to the lower 37’s, which is better – and switched her into the lightweight sleeping bag.

She wasn’t right though, and really pretty much until 5.30am screamed the house down as she was so poorly. By 5.30 we were all exhausted, and after many cuddles and lots of feeding, she finally settled. Put her down in her cot before then, and she woke 30 minutes later. It was really really tough. So instead, what’s becoming a bit of a habit happened again – she came and laid on our duvet in between us both – and promptly fell asleep. We all woke some time after 8, so got some rest… even if it was only a couple of hours or so.

Anyway, she seems much better now, but I’ve grown to dread night time.

In other news, she crawled for about five seconds yesterday on a carpeted surface. Which makes me want to get her on a carpet again to see whether she goes again, and whether this rubbery surface we’ve got is actually holding her back (again). You can’t win.

Right… she’s trying to stand up, and so I’d better not leave her on her own…