H had her school Christmas play this week. There was strict guidelines in order, we could record and take photos but only if we promised not to share them on social networks. I figure a blog anyone can read is as social as you can get (even if I border on the antisocial) so I’m afraid I can’t share with you delightful pictures of H being a present.

Due to the size of the school there were three performances so all parents could watch; we saw the first one on Wednesday. We took the Flip camera with us and recorded it. There were some moments of cute – each class had a song to learn and part of the song would be played as the children come on stage. H’s class sung along and it was super cute, all the reception kids lined up and singing in tune! Oh the delight!

We went to a Christmas Fair last year where the choir were a little shy, so it was nice to see our kids singing out loud. I could tell H felt self-conscious and didn’t join in with the actions, and it reminded me of myself. I’m not a performer, I prefer to stay in the background and do stuff there. By the end she’d warmed up and was joining in, and soon enough their time was over before the big finale when every single parent got out their camera phone to record the moment. Sigh.

There were tears falling down my face. It was lovely. I was so proud of them all. I tried to hide it but that made it even worse.

Performance two, apparently she warmed up quickly and was following one of the other kids with their routine (again, reminds me of how I am at pilates, I never remember what to do so copy the person in front of me), and yesterday she was fine again which was encouraging. I know she isn’t set for a career on the stage, and I know where her strengths are – building things and swimming – the two things I’ve seen her get on with and not get frustrated about. When she’s corrected at swimming lessons (they’re working on arms and legs now they can all pretty much swim without any floats) she listens and gets on with it.

So I know the play wasn’t in her comfort zone but she did me proud. I also saw a lot of myself in her, this last week.