Is tinnitus related, and alcohol related – I’m almost certain of it.

I’ve done enough no-alcohol and some-alcohol nights to know that when I drink the pulsing comes back, and when I don’t, it doesn’t. (Friday night was a classic example and I stopped drinking well before 8pm)

It’s a no-brainer really, isn’t it? Don’t drink, and you’ll sleep well.

We had one glass of fizz last night, the last of the bottle. Think that’s it for me for now. I need sleep more than I need alcohol.

Imagine the noise of a baby’s heartbeat through a doppler. Now imagine that for 24 hours in your ears the whole time. Yeah, it isn’t much fun – especially when there’s no baby to get you through it.

So yeah, I guess from here onwards is the point I’m not going to drink – or at least, to drink very much. Maybe the odd glass of wine here and there. Caffeine is still under scrutiny.